Yess Yaks

An NFT project of 2000 unique yaks, focused on a powerful passionate community with a fun brand appeal, with innovative long-term utility.

These are all the necessary tools for both passionate digital art lovers and the necessary tools for NFT project developers to market and communicate with the community. As well as many nice bonuses for discerning Yaks holders.

Together we build the future


An entrepreneur, a degen of the NFT. He knows everything.

Development Manager

Has extensive experience working with financial institutions, web3 specialist, codes even in his sleep.

Community Manager

NFT Degen, the Master of all operations. He has a lot of experience in different industries.


Branding Expert. Turns our dreams into vivid living colors.


8 years in comics, portrait artist. Created and brought characters to life.


Digital illustration specialist, extensive experience in the NFT field. Combines all creativity into one canvas.

What is Yess Yaks?

An NFT project focused on a powerful passionate community with a fun, appealing brand, with innovative long-term utility.

How big is the collection?

2000 unique yaks.

What are the benefits of the project?

The fact that we don’t reveal project details is carefully planned. The only thing we can reveal is that the product is oriented for both lovers of NFT and developers of NFT collections and is intended to unite and give a great benefit to the community.

What marketplaces will the collection be on?

We will consider all of the major venues.